Brand Strategy & Planning.

The Traffic Brand Metabolism process drives your strategy

A proven Traffic methodology for creating new brands or transforming ailing brands. A rigorous, collaborative process that generates meaningful differentiation and innovative strategies to conquer commoditised markets.

Traffic has built an enviable reputation for developing branding and positioning strategies to achieve differentiation and increased market share, ROI and shareholder value. Our primary objective is to develop a brand image and brand experience that is dramatic, emotionally alluring and participatory to the defined target audiences. We then search for new and more effective ways of reaching people.

Traffic also specialises in campaign planning strategies. This involves creating a month-by-month plan to be rolled out over a 12 month period, so that you can see a clear forecast of the key campaign themes and promotions we will be employing for your business across multiple channels such as TV, radio, email, social media, websites, mobile, in-store, street, and many more.

Our Strategy & Planning Capabilities

Discovery Workshops

The Traffic Discovery workshop is the first step in uncovering what’s at the heart of a brand. It is an innovative, highly engaging half-day session where we use a range of different tools and techniques.

Traffic Brand Process

Operating on the principle that brands are like humans – living, breathing entities that require ongoing care and attention – our proprietary process is the foundation of our approach to brand transformation.

Marketing & Comms
Marketing & Comms Strategy

Our planning team create highly detailed marketing and communications strategies that transform brand and businesses into more formidable, more profitable entities.

Market Segmentation
Market Segmentation

Creating meaningful, actionable market segments is a specialised skill that we have deployed with great success on a diverse range of clients and categories.

Focus Groups
Focus Groups

‘An in-house offering that many of our clients utilise, we ensure that the findings and recommendations are more seamlessly integrated throughout the marketing and communications for your brand.

Omnichannel Strategy

Today’s shoppers have come to expect more from retailers. How your website looks or how your store is laid out, product packaging, shipping options and customer service, can all affect the quality of a consumer’s experience. Our team of experts ensures that this experience is consistent and magnetic.

Our Strategy & Planning Case Studies

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