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Simply Smart Rebranding

Custom Fleet is one of the largest Fleet Management Organisations in Australia and New Zealand designing and providing complex corporate fleet operations for small and large business fleets, finance and management and novated leasing.

Having been owned by a number of different institutions within the financial sector and a recent restructuring, the business was looking to consolidate the brand identity and story with the mind to consolidate existing relationships and amplify their reach in engaging new audiences.

The restructuring was based on a vision to better serve customers with a focus on commercial and operational functions to further increase efficiencies and deepen customer relationships.

Having evolved out of the banking sector the existing brand identity and tone of voice was very traditional corporate and of a previous era. Our role was to delve into the brand and uncover what made them unique in the market and successful with their clients. Of consideration was the ability to present to operate to both corporate partners as well as attract consumer audiences for the novated lease product.

What we uncovered was a complex market landscape that was constantly evolving and shifting at a pace in which clients were often unsure of the best move. Where Custom Fleet was able to offer an advantage was through their highly experienced and service-oriented team, advanced technology solutions, analytical capability through their strategic consultants that support the unique needs of individual businesses.

In a fast-paced constantly evolving world where expectations are high and time is precious, we needed a brand position that felt reassuring. We wanted to convey that through data insights gathered by trained strategic consultants through advanced technology platforms, Custom Fleet was best placed to provide intelligent recommendations based on the business needs. In other words, they made things simple. Unexpectedly simple.

This brand position led to the market-facing line of Simply Smart, which is integral to the brand identity and go-to-market strategy.

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