Elderton Homes

Made. A Brand Transformation.

Elderton Homes – 100% Australian owned & operated –  has become an industry leader in the Sydney and Illawarra region by being honest, transparent and trustworthy. Their promise to their clients is to provide a personalised service, whilst building the highest quality homes at affordable prices. They value their clients above everything else and focus on customer experience and service, and the desire to do it better than every other builder. To communicate this effectively, a new logo, positioning and campaign were needed to drive the business forward into a new, prosperous era.

Elderton Homes pride themselves on doing things differently.  Their team and empowered to go above and beyond to ensure that their client’s vision is made a reality. From the top down they work to ensure that they listen and can adapt their processes and procedures to always improve and deliver beyond expectations every time. That’s why you can always depend on Elderton to deliver. The new brand positioning and campaign direction needed to reflect this.

The new identity positioned Elderton as a modern brand for a modern age, a brand that is about creating strong relationships. A brand that has strong beliefs, that prides itself on superior customer service, and quality in construction. A brand that puts people first. A brand that doesn’t produce ‘cookie cutter’ homes.

The relaunch campaign direction – Made. By Elderton Homes – is all about reinforcing the choice that the Elderton client has made.

Made. The right move

Made. The dream start

Made. Life easier

Made. Your dreams come true

Elderton has made a home that exceeds expectations. Made a home that is perfect for them.

Made. By Elderton Homes.

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