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Traffic are experts in creative placemaking, working alongside the public and private sector organisations within the property, retail and public realm, animating spaces through live experiences. Our goal is to develop the strategy and design solutions that evoke magnetism at each location.

We work closely with our clients to unlock solutions to their immediate issues, then form a longer-term strategy for them based on insights learned, relevant design trends, and the application of state of the art digital thinking.

Through a range of services including brand creation, identity development, location graphics and B2B and B2C marketing, our goal is to transform your space into a memorable place. Whether for retail hubs, airports, public venues or international destinations, when creating this ‘sense of place’ we focus on audiences, brand experience and opportunity.

We facilitate relationships between places and art & culture, brands, education, F&B and entertainment, finding authentic and symbiotic opportunities for collaboration.

Our Placemaking Case Studies

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