Have you got the Traffic mindset?

If you want to take your career to another level.
If you are becoming a bureaucrat and not an entrepreneur.
If you don’t experience the euphoria of winning.
If you are depressed and not kicking goals.
If you are not achieving your vision or your goals.

Then it’s time you re-assessed your current mindset and thought about Traffic.

What can we do today that has never been done before.

Stuart Hornery

We have five simple Traffic Imperatives that guides our reputation and success. The Traffic front door may take your career and life onto a totally new level. But, if you feel the slightest bit uneasy about what you see then maybe look somewhere less demanding.

The Traffic Imperatives.

The qualities that we seek of you in the beginning and the qualities we foster when you join us.



At Traffic we believe everyone is creative. We create thoughts and ideas across every platform so everyone contributes. At Traffic you don’t have to be an Art Director, Writer or Digital Designer to be creative. We expect everyone on the team to contribute ideas, initiatives and thoughts that will win client accolades, trust and respect for Traffic. And, of course, you!



At Traffic we work and play as a family because we are one. Yes, we encourage debate and initiative because that makes us all grow stronger. Our priority is at all times to work as one with our clients to increase their resilience and ROI. To strive to know as much as they do and then add value with the things they hadn’t thought of.



At Traffic we frequently take the path less trodden. But our courage is always backed with rigorous research, disciplines and ideas. We are game changers, sometimes disrupters and always re inventors. So if you like to play it safe then Traffic is probably not for you.



At Traffic we do our homework to construct compelling strategies and solutions. Our collective commitment as a team is so powerful that our clients respect us and what we do. Confidence also comes from using the proven Traffic strategies and processes. They work! But they are guidelines. We seek people who can discover new horizons and then sell them.



This may seem an odd word to be an integral part of our family philosophy but it has been carefully chosen. First we encourage all Traffic staff to be people of consequence. People who have the ability to inspire, are proud of what they do and ethical and responsible for what they deliver. But this pride and charisma is overlaid with humility and respect for others.

Did you tick all the boxes?
Are you ready to make something greater of your life?
Or do you want to join the queue of mediocrity?

If you think you have what it takes then give us call. Mindset makes the difference.