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Only the finest Brand and eCommerce solution for the world-class Abode.

Founded in 1991, Abode Living is a creator and retailer of the most luxurious bed linen. Abode manufacture the majority of their products at their flagship store in Camberwell, and this close relationship to the manufacturing and design process, coupled with the passion and expertise that they have for their products, is what sets them apart. Abode Living entrusted Traffic to design and develop for them an eCommerce solution to match this vision.

After delivering a full brand transformation for Abode Living, the next step for Traffic was to design and develop an updated eCommerce solution to compliment the updated brand position, messaging, look and feel. The existing eCommerce platform was slow, not mobile optimised and under-delivering on sales. Stock management was difficult across both online and physical stores, as was the linking of their in-store and online audiences. Redesigning and redeveloping from the ground up was the direction recommended, and Traffic set out testing and analysing every aspect of the customer’s purchase journey.

Traffic conducted multiple digital workshops, interrogating every dimension of the customer journey. One of the main aims for the new website was to replicate the rich and engaging offline sales experience in store with that of online eCommerce experience. We conducted user testing, including Tree Testing our recommend product and navigation structure, with the results directly influencing the overall Information Architecture of the store.

Traffic delivered a content-rich, custom-featured fast eCommerce experience for Abode Living customers. The website features an Angular JS app front-end complimented with a headless WordPress CMS and WooCommerce eCommerce engine and Temando shipping system. The back-end is synced to Abode’s back-of-house ERP system (MYOB Exo) handling customer details, order management and stock control.

The front-end features include custom collection builders, full-screen fabric swatches, all new high-resolution photography, as well as rich content interfaces for blogs and inspiration galleries. There are more custom features to come, with a bespoke pillow and quilt builders already designed and ready for integration.

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