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In a society that runs on adrenalin, now more than ever we’re looking to escape. With so much holiday competition on the world horizon, tourism branding and marketing needs to be world class to inspire and attract visitors. Competition inspires us to think differently and challenge the status quo. It also calls for a huge role for digital and social media, where shareability, reviews and exceptional imagery can make or break a destination. We do it all, from creating a brandmark that’s rooted in a destination truth, to earth-moving marketing that inspires action, to social messaging that’s too good not to share.

Hotels are now the hub for more than overnight stays. They are destinations that reflect the movements of digital tribes and early adopters – from ubercool to boutique chic, every venue is unique. Placemaking is about delivering new experiences and creating philosophies that are world firsts. Continual innovation and a long term strategy is essential for survival. We travel the world and follow the trendmakers to keep abreast of world’s best practices, then collaborate with architects and interior designers to deliver a world-class experience, not just a destination. It’s where a brandmark is akin to a fashion label and every touchpoint, from menus to coasters to posters, are talking points.

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