Diamond Exchange

Giving an online luxury brand extra sparkle

Diamond Exchange, a part of the Thomas Jewellers group, had traditionally been an online-only business model, that operated successfully for over a decade. We identified an opportunity for the business to make a transition to a physical entity, and used this transition as a ‘line in the sand’ to update the existing brand identity.

The new Diamond Exchange identity needed to reflect a greater sense of aspiration and exclusivity about the brand, especially important that physically the store is in the heart of upmarket, luxury Collins Street, right next door to Tiffany. Indeed, we used this proximity to Tiffany’s to our advantage with the launch campaign.

The new Diamond Exchange store opened on Collins Street, Melbourne in November 2016, and the new website launched concurrently. The new luxury brand identity and associated assets were all created by Traffic, and the store design and fit-out was a result of a collaboration with the Greater Group, one of Australia’s leading store design companies. We identified and engaged Brooke Hogan as the spokesperson for the brand, and she features prominently across all touch-points.

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