Rebranding Victoria's Land Registries Office

The Victorian Land Registry Service (VLRS), was the first commercial entity appointed by the Victorian Government to run the Land Titles Registry. Having established credibility through seamless management, improved focus on customer services and considerable investment in upgrading the technical systems infrastructure to world-leading standards, it was time for the brand to review its identity.

Traffic was appointed early in the process to support the executive leadership team navigating the potential for a brand transformation process, reviewing the name, logo, visual identity and tone of voice of the brand.

Through the brand Metabolism workshop process, Traffic investigated the past, present and future of the business, developing key learnings from its 160 years heritage, present operational successes and vision for the future to understand the brand’s journey and ambition. Traffic’s role was to develop a strategic brand positioning, personality and tone of voice that resonated with a diverse audience base.

Extensive interviews with key personnel across the business divisions allowed Traffic insight into how the brand engages in its broad and complex audiences. From everyday property transactions to engaging small scale businesses through to enterprise-level commercial operators and multiple levels of government departments and bodies.

Our role was to distil the complexity of the to its core essence. VLRS was changed to Secure Electronic Registries Victoria, or SERV. Easy to recall and use in conversation, it emphasises the brand’s reason for being, i.e. to ‘serve’ the people of Victoria.

The new SERV brand identity celebrates the origins of the brand while steering it into the future, embracing technology and innovation. The identity looks as shape and colour to create a sense of how technology can influence and enhance our everyday lives. A notion that is encapsulated by the fluidity of the lines, colours and logo mark.

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