Phive Parramatta Square.

Brand Creation

5 Parramatta Square will arguably be one of the most unique and functional civic buildings that Sydney has to offer. Serving as a hive of activity, service and amenity to the City of Parramatta, it is important to give this iconic building a powerful identity with a memorable brand designed to complement its new name – Parramatta Phive. The Parramatta Phive identity will clearly communicate its difference and forward-thinking vision by setting the new standard in civic council brand communications.

Traffic has created a powerful brand for Parramatta Phive that is iconic as the building itself. An architectural icon Inspired by the unique architectural design for Parramatta Phive, its iconic shape and its dramatic ‘spire’, we have created a brand identity that equals the building’s WOW factor

Inclusivity: We have created a brand that enhances lifestyles, knowledge and experiences while clearly communicating an open door policy. It will target the municipal body and the wider community of people with mixed incomes, and diverse backgrounds at all stages of life.

Engaging & Informative: With the creation of a diverse range of public, education and workspaces, as well as municipal functions, the brand identity and campaign will encourage, support and inspire.

Vision: We have created a brand that supports unique offerings and experiences, education and innovation while also communicating the forward-thinking nature of the ‘Phive’ brand.

The final execution of the brand and the “Say Hi to Phive” launch campaign was produced and delivered by the City of Parramatta’s internal design studio.

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