Beaucott Property Rebrand

Beaucott Property Brand Transformation.

The Beaucott Story:

Beaucott Property is your local real estate agency, offering the advantages of personalised boutique customer service combined with the remarkable capabilities of an award-winning team with decades of hands-on experience. Celebrating its fifteenth year on Beaufort Street, Beaucott has earned a reputation built on trust, integrity, professionalism, consistency, and unwavering commitment. Carlos Lehn, Paul Owen, and their dedicated team founded Beaucott Property with the vision of consistently delivering a level of personalised service that stands unparalleled while achieving remarkable results in residential sales, property management, and marketing. Serving the suburbs surrounding Beaufort Street, Beaucott’s team of local property experts consistently demonstrates their deep understanding of local property market history and trends, resulting in record-breaking sales for their clients.

The Challenge:

In December 2023, Beaucott engaged Traffic for a brand revitalisation initiative. Traffic initiated a comprehensive Brand Metabolism brand audit of Beaucott’s existing brand, conducted a competitive market analysis, and identified industry best practices to uncover opportunities and insights for brand transformation. What began as a simple adjustment to the brand mark evolved into a complete rebranding effort, aligning with Traffic’s design strategy and vision for the brand’s potential.

The Solution:

While acknowledging that Beaucott had recently undergone a significant rebranding effort, Traffic provided options to refresh the current brand mark. Additionally, they recommended exploring a new, modern, and contemporary digital-first brand direction that would differentiate Beaucott from its competitors. This approach aimed to establish a fresh brand identity, colour palette, and design system that would be seamlessly integrated throughout the entire brand experience. This proposal was enthusiastically endorsed by Beaucott’s directors, who remarked, “We absolutely love what you have done.”

The Result:

Traffic successfully delivered the new brand experience across all of Beaucott’s listing and corporate marketing collateral, including stationery, signage, social media assets, listing kits, and corporate communication materials. They also provided a comprehensive digital brand style guide, complete with templates ready for use by Beaucott’s signage, print, and CRM partners in preparation for the brand’s relaunch in January 2024. This entire process, from inception to completion, was executed within a swift four-week timeframe, with minimal disruption to Beaucott’s day-to-day operations. Credit goes to Chloe for her superb management of the process from the Beaucott business side.

Traffic’s extensive experience in rebranding and delivering marketing campaigns for a wide range of real estate brands, from local ones like Jellis Craig, Hodges, and The Professionals to large international brands like Harcourts, speaks to their efficiency and cost-effectiveness in executing brand transformations. Their expertise ensures that businesses not only successfully rebrand but also continue to operate smoothly throughout the transition, setting them up for future success.

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