Green Pacific Energy

Green Pacific Energy

Green Pacific Energy Story:

Green Pacific Energy aims to raise awareness among the investor community regarding its groundbreaking environmentally friendly energy generation process, which utilizes green waste as fuel. The challenge lies in effectively communicating the unique investment opportunity presented by this innovative technology.

The Challenge:

To address this challenge, Traffic Ran executed a strategic campaign leveraging multiple channels:
  1. Advertisement Campaign: Full-page ads were placed in the Australian Financial Review for a duration of six weeks. This aimed to capture the attention of potential investors and inform them about the breakthrough technology developed by Green Pacific Energy.
  2. Government Engagement: Traffic Ran engaged with the federal government to inform them about the new technology. This not only helped in gaining governmental support but also raised awareness at a regulatory level.
  3. Website Development: A dedicated website was developed to provide detailed information about the investment opportunity offered by Green Pacific Energy. The website highlighted the technology’s ability to generate electricity from green waste and its potential to trade in carbon credits.

The Solution:

The campaign successfully informed the investment community about the unique opportunity presented by Green Pacific Energy’s green waste to energy power plants. As a result, the company gained increased interest and investment from stakeholders. The innovative approach not only addressed environmental concerns but also showcased a viable and profitable investment option in the renewable energy sector.


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