True Value Solar

The best rebrand under the sun

True Value Solar, Australia’s largest residential solar provider, has helped over 150,000 Australian families save on their power bills, and cut back on carbon emissions. While uptake has been strong, the team at True Value Solar identified large segments of the market, who have an interest in solar, but are challenged by the upfront costs involved. With this in mind, the business created a new brand, True Value Power, which aims to make the solar solution more affordable through the introduction of flexible payment solutions.

From a branding perspective, it was important to leverage off the equity of the existing True Value Solar brand, whilst also communicating, both internally and externally, that this is a very different way of delivering solar energy. Essentially, the model has shifted from the sale and purchase of a physical product to a full service provider of energy efficiency. With a unique operating model and revolutionary value proposition, Traffic crafted a new identity that bears resemblance to the existing True Value Solar brand, but with an augmented name, more relevant to the new offering.

Traffic introduced the brand to market with an integrated campaign comprising print, radio, digital and a powerful launch TVC, all driving enquiry to the new website. The campaign focused on the concept of giving control of energy costs to the consumer. This directly appealed to the financial needs of the target segments, who are inundated with rising costs of electricity bills. The key message is centered around this ‘revolutionary’ new approach where True Value Power bring the “Power to the People”, and features a street of energy consumers, demanding more control over their bills and emissions, and encouraging others in their neighbourhood to join the revolution.

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