Goodyear Eagle F1

Born To Race

Traffic has had a long association with Goodyear for the past 15 years, transforming their brands and retail channels throughout Australasia and the Asia Pacific region. Following a competitive international pitch for Goodyear’s new high-performance Eagle tire range for the Asia Pacific region, Traffic was tasked with creating an automotive branding campaign to launch four all-new tires in the Goodyear Eagle F1 range including the Asymmetric 5 through the SuperSport, SuperSport R and super-sticky SuperSport RS across the Asia Pacific region. The new brand needed to focus on the racing heritage built up over Goodyears long history of racing at the highest level with Nascar and F1. 

Goodyear Eagle F1 tires are more than just a brand with a long racing heritage, they are a pure passion for driving. From the adrenaline that runs through your veins whilst you are cornering, to the unrivalled confidence and ultimate control you feel in any weather condition. They are your heart beating because when you drive with Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres you feel alive.

Born from Goodyear’s racing heritage, with an unrivalled 361 wins in F1 races – and this track pedigree was utilised to create a new generation of high-performance tires, the strategy behind the campaign needed to highlight what Goodyear had learned on the track, which paved the way to its new transformation to the streets. This core ideation was dramatised in the campaign that we created, with the overall aim of it being to convert track-day drivers, and also win more business from original-equipment makers led by Porsche.

Traffic crafted a unique definition and communication strategy, producing the overall brand strategy and all brand assets for the new Goodyear Eagle brand, including revitalising the existing graphic language and design system and the creation of the new hero brand imagery across all brand experiences. 

Traffic worked collaboratively with the Singapore, Shanghai and Australian Goodyear Marketing teams to create a branded film shot on location in Australia at the iconic Eastern Creek Raceway with Clockwork Films. With access to the all-new Porsche 911, we see our hero vehicle let loose with the new high-performance Eagle range – the range that brings out the race car driver in all of us, no matter where you’re driving.

The film encapsulates the racing heritage and exhilaration of driving with Eagle F1 tyres. The moment they turn on the engine they are transported from their everyday commute to the racetrack. An exhilarating journey, enhanced by the precision, cornering and technological innovation Goodyear Eagle F1 tires provide at every turn, every single time.

The campaign was designed to run and translate across multiple regions including Japan, China, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, in addition to many others across the Asia Pacific.  Traffic used a high-velocity platform that brought together the latest CGI, VR and live-action and special FX technology to create images and sequences that delivered maximum visual and sensory experience. With the combination of the latest technology, the campaign set out to tell the brand story of how the new Eagle range transforms a regular drive into a high octane race experience with superior grip and performance of the new range.  

The revolutionary new campaign which is currently being rolled out internationally, once again positions Goodyear ahead of its competitors and is the celebration of all the emotions and history of Goodyear’s race-bred heritage on the world stage.

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