The Watch Shop

A New Luxury Retail Brand for the Times

As part of our review of the Thomas Jewellers brand and setting the agenda for its future, we identified a significant gap in the retail landscape that Thomas Jewellers were uniquely qualified to fill – that is, a specifically curated store that stocks a diverse range of watches from the world’s leading watch brands. Hence the creation of The Watch Shop.

The Watch Shop is an entirely new retail concept, directly targeting fashion-conscious millennials who see their watch as a fashion piece, not an heirloom. So the identity for the brand and the way it was represented needed to reflect the sense of innovation, dynamism and modernity that was inherent in this new concept.

We have been the architects for the design and creation of every touchpoint that the customer has with The Watch Shop brand. From the creation of the logo & identity, through to revolutionary new store design and fitout (in collaboration with the multi-award winning Greater Group), corporate materials, in-store POS, merchandise, uniforms, signage, website and more. The first The Watch Shop store launched in Warrnambool in March 2017, with plans for further roll-out in other locations across 2017.

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