Retail Transformation Est 1983

Sportsco is a well-known sporting apparel retailer in the Australian marketplace, founded back in 1983 with an aim to offer the very best expert service, products and value. Over the years, Sportsco expanded to offer over 40 franchised stores nationally; however, the brand largely lost its way and began selling upon the proposition of convenience and discounting.

During the Discovery Workshop, a number of great insights were uncovered. The fact that the chain was founded and established by a number of Australian footballing elite inspired a unique competitive streak, which is reflected in the product range. Sportsco is the only sports store that hand picks a technically advanced, head-to-toe solution to enhance performance and give customers the competitive edge.

The creative team at Traffic refreshed the brand identity whilst maintaining the Sportsco name. With a brand personality that is dynamic, instinctive, tenacious and bold, the new brand has an edgy look and feel, reflected across all identity elements including the brandmark, imagery and colour palette. The ‘est. 1983’ element in the new logo was an important inclusion as it demonstrated that the brand had heritage from its sporting roots, and reflected the ‘sporting club’ originations of the business and its’ founders.

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