Skope Group

Stop, Collaborate, Innovate and Customise.

First impressions count. Skope knew they had an identity problem because they had the skills and track record but Skope didn’t resonate with big clients. Traffic identified the problem which was the perception of Skope’s credibility in this intensely competitive market. Skope came across as a supplier without any unique experience or qualifications.

Traffic transformed Skope in three key areas; (1).The new logotype and brand promise (Enhancing your brand power). (2) A new website and digital strategy that made Skope look bigger, better and more professional than it’s competitors. (3) A story that would resonate with clients, big and small. Collaboration, Innovation and Customisation.

Overnight, Skope became one of the ‘best dressed’ and most articulate contractors in town. The new logo gave the company a more vibrant personality and the Skope internal culture adopted the new client story of collaboration, innovation and customisation with great success.

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