Sealy Crown Jewel 2021

This is what dreams are made of

Sealy needed to grow sales by convincing younger, ultra-high-earning consumers that Crown Jewel beds are the ultimate luxury that befits their contemporary lifestyle while retaining their established, older consumer base who have traditionally been the main audience for Crown Jewel.

An investment in a luxury mattress is an essential ingredient to a better life. Crown Jewel is the brand that these consumers can trust to deliver on that promise. It is the enduring heritage, sustainable sourcing, bespoke craftsmanship and innovation that elevates Crown Jewel above all other bedding systems. The campaign needed to move beyond ‘sleep is good for you’, ‘a best night’s sleep’, ‘the finest mattress in the world’ USPs and convey the impact our bed will have as a partner/ essential ingredient in your life.

Sealy Australia engaged Traffic again to create the new brand campaign for Crown Jewel brand, developing a new strategy around the pillars of ‘Technology & Innovation. However, we need to ensure that it was still presented in a ‘romantic’ way to ensure that consumers fell in love with the product, thereby suitably positioning the brand in the luxury and technology-led space in the highly competitive Asia-Pacific bedding market.

Traffic focused on the brand’s ethos which ensures that every bed is a handcrafted work of art, tailor-made to the customer’s unique specifications, utilising the best in patented spring technology and materials.

The all-new Sealy Posturepedic Crown Jewel unites handcrafted contemporary design and the finest materials and the introduction of the world-first sleep system “Comfortbridge”, whilst maintaining the classic form, iconic design and innovative sleep technology that is Sealy’s recipe for a good nights sleep.

Sealy’s expert bed-makers are among the best in the world, committed to revolutionising sleep. Combining long-standing craftsmanship with the latest innovation, their hands lovingly oversee every detail, resulting in a custom Crown Jewel that provides unparalleled quality, pressure relief, comfort and support – the very foundation to rejuvenate the body and refresh the mind.

This philosophy was brought to life through CGI animation brand film to tell the Sealy Posturepedic Technology story of the innovations found within the mattress, with each element reflecting the greater vision of Sealy’s technological advances. The final Crown Jewel is revealed as an iconic, unique and proprietary product, with Posturepedic Technology at its core.

The all New Crown Jewel campaign will run throughout the Asia Pacific and the UK in all Sealy Posturepedic markets and retailers.

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