A playful branded identity

As a frequent traveller looking to charge their mobile phone while on the go, the founder of Snapcharge saw an opportunity to tap into the rentable power bank market. Popular in SE Asia and Europe, mobile charge banks provide access to mobile phone recharge units in high-density urban areas. After extensive research into the industry and investment in the development of numerous prototypes, Snapcharge approached Traffic to develop a brand and supporting strategy to identify who their most likely early adopters would be and approach on how to appeal to their key target audience.

Through a process of brand and digital workshops Traffic was able to get a deep understanding of the product benefits, market trends and overseas comparator offering to identify the most likely customers. Our research uncovered that millennials accounted for nearly half of the on-demand market, with ‘Explorers’ our most likely early adopters who hold a positive bias toward technology.

Based on the brand proposition of mobile life support, PUP (short for Power Up) was created to reflect the vision to provide affordable and secure mobile power solutions to the Australian market, that empower consumers to take back control of their anxiety of Nomophobia.

We wanted the brand to visually represent the idea of feeling free to explore and use their phone as they please, without the anxiety of running out of power.
We used a vibrant colour palette and playful brand mark to help tap into our target demographic and create a sense of reassurance and joy. The messaging is engaging and playful and reflecting our audience and their tone. The launch campaign is based on a digital-first approach, aimed at being simple, accessible and relevant.

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