Liberated Leaders

Driving lead generation in a competitive space

Liberated Leaders was born out of a need to provide contemporary leadership programs that reflect the demands and challenges of modern corporate life. Paula Drayton and Tony Carew have over 40 years experience working with C Suite management to build skills and practices that help leaders grow and navigate change and disruption.

Liberated Leaders offer programs that can be accessed in a style that suits the demands of corporate management roles. They approached Traffic to help build awareness outside of their existing organic growth and build a robust content plan that nurtured long term connections with target audiences and meet their growth goals.

Traffic hosted multiple workshops to deepen our understanding of the brand, digital environment and key messaging to identify the core program benefits, target audience need states and barriers to entry, category trends and existing market offering. It was clear there was a profound opportunity to bring their brand of unique life-changing programs that addressed the issues facing corporate Australia today.

Our challenge was to counter outdated modes of management thinking and present a new way of leadership that delivers the long term success asked of corporate leaders. Given the need to build trust, the long term strategic approach was to nurture leads by developing an omnichannel marketing strategy, offering high-quality content to build their community and promote word of mouth for long term success.

Traffic worked with Liberated Leaders to shift their perception from being a product to stepping into the potential of being a standalone brand. Based on the brand proposition of ‘In tune thinking, Unlimited potential’, we created the ability to open up the possibilities of the brand to develop into a movement that supports and nurtures a shift in management thinking to a more human-centred approach that is sustainable and profitable.

We created a new brand visual identity system that reflected the momentum through the wave device and vibrant colour palette. Striking brand collateral was designed to disrupt our targets and pique their interest to engage with the content and delve into the world of Liberated Leaders.

A comprehensive multidimensional digital campaign was developed to broaden the community of advocates. Through detailed audience personas, we developed tailored messaging that tapped into audience need states and offered relevant solutions and CTA’s.

The content strategy set in place an ongoing framework to continue to feed the community with content that provided a taste of the programs and educated on the language of Liberated Leaders. This helped to more easily identify quality leads and reduced time spend onboarding potential clients. Through a combination of organic and paid search, remarketing, landing pages, new website, social media strategy and implementation of LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube as well as podcasts, Traffic provided a blueprint for always-on engagement and community nurturing and sales leads.


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