Kaiser Baas

Amplifying sales through a total rebrand

Kaiser Baas is a leading innovator of analogue-to-digital converters, media players and personal cameras that are available through leading retailers such as JB Hi Fi, Dick Smith and Harvey Norman. The product range traverses a range of categories and appeals to different user segments, so the challenge for Traffic was to find an overarching brand idea that could sit comfortably across this diverse range, provide a sense of unity and consistency, and most importantly, impact in the ‘critical last 3 yards’ at store level.

As a result of all of this accumulated knowledge and insight from the Discovery stage, a brand essence was created: ‘Amplifying shared experiences’ – this positions the Kaiser Baas product range as integral to family living, in particular improving one’s ability to share life’s great moments.

The totally new brand identity was created, which was centered around making a hero icon of the letter ‘K’ to help drive and aid brand awareness and consistency at store level where brand loyalty and preference is low. The suite of materials includes a range of collateral, packaging, office signage, stationery and more is currently in the process of being launched. This new essence and look has provided the brand a real sense of vitality as it goes out to the market both locally, and as the business looks to expand globally.

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