Funtastic eCommerce

A fun new online retail destination

Through our interrogation of the Funtastic business model, we recognised a need for Funtastic to evolve the ‘traditional’ way that they were taking products to market, ie exclusively via ‘bricks and mortar’ retail channels. A new approach, where Funtastic retained greater control and took the ‘direct to consumer’ path, was needed.

A number of products were identified as being suitable for a ‘direct response’ selling approach, where the media strategy was reflective of this shift in philosophy, and drove consumers to the new Funtastic eCommerce site to purchase directly.

The new site was designed, developed and executed by Traffic. It recently launched and features a range of key products from the wide stable of brands under the Funtastic ‘umbrella’ – from scooters (Razor), to cookware (Lekue), beauty products (NoNo!) and speaker systems (Audiocube) – all available exclusively at this new destination.

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