Integrity Life

It's life insurance, but not as you know it.

Traffic was approached to launch a new brand for Life insurance. The aim was to create a disruptive brand that transforms the life insurance industry and that promotes tailored products created with their customers interest in mind. Besides been identified as a genuine brand, as their brand name ‘Integrity’ suggests, our client also wanted to find an easy way to communicate their point of difference to both their customers and their financial advisors. It was important that their company values and product offering were clearly understood.

Through research and a workshop session, we became more familiar with the challenges of the brand, the struggle in communicating complex content and the need of standing out in such a competitive, saturated market. It became clear the importance of creating a very clear visual language and a tone of voice that was friendly and relatable.

Led by the eight main company values identified during the workshop, we developed a modern, friendly and witty visual language. Each of the brand values – such as transparency, simplicity, customer first and others – were translated into illustrations that have been used across all of their marketing material and website.

This design approach made them stand out from their competitors and significantly helped them in building confidence and connecting the audience to their product and brand.
Integrity Life launched in September 2018; the brand design has already won multiple awards and their customer database keeps growing.

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