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Our new global campaign for a real estate giant

Following swiftly on the back of the brand identity refresh, Traffic were tasked to develop a brand campaign for Harcourts the global network. The campaign objectives were to recruit prospective clients, team members and partners to the brand, and amplify the presence of the brand in all markets via a consistent, cohesive narrative that had been missing in the past. 

Traffic worked closely with stakeholders across the network to understand the customer journey from prospective clients, recruiting team members and uncovering the anecdotal evidence that differentiated Harcourts in comparison to their competitors.

With the brand strategy endorsed by the network, Traffic explored using the brand pillars to find examples of stories and experiences from the Harcourts team members and clients. Traffic reached out to the network for examples of agents going above and beyond to help their clients in unexpected and simple human ways. These stories were then distilled and filtered into segments to construct short stories that supported the brand pillars.

The creative team wanted to leverage the brand identity work to heighten the impact and capitalise on the exposure the brand refresh would make in the market. The team decided to create a brand campaign that was borne out of the fundamental brand elements and was going to best support and reinforce the brand identity.

Harnessing the brand ethos and unshakable desire to help those they work for and that work with Harcourts, achieve success, we knew that it was more than property that made them tick. Harcourts are dedicated to helping people find their place, to help them find where they belong. 

The Traffic creative team was keen to use an element that came naturally from the brand, and reinforced it in a natural manner. This piece came from the brand name, where the word ‘our’ is present, and was juxtaposed against the word ‘your’ to create the campaign foundation of ‘your/our’. This construct of the ‘your/our’ campaign introduced a positioning thought that would be consistent and act as the sign-off for all brand communications.

The addition of ‘Your’ to the logo lock-up provides this anchor and is a powerful addition.
It’s a direct embodiment of the mission and vision, clearly reflecting the brand values.

The campaign position is an invitation to engage with the brand, on your terms. Despite their success, the Harcourts team remains grounded and humble. The yours/ours campaign embodied their belief that their focus must always be on what matters – their clients and staff, not themselves.  

Traffic developed a diverse range of campaign assets including print, TV, digital, social, signage and collateral, as well as a detailed campaign implementation guide that provided a foundational system for every element and variation of the campaign. Templates across business, recruitment and prospecting were developed and handed over to integrate into the Harcourts portal. The guidelines supported the detailed use of the template to allow individual businesses and agents to run campaigns in their area that are tailored to their local communities globally.  

The campaign is currently in the early stages of initial roll out utilising traditional above the line media as well as a fully integrated digital campaigns.

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