Folio 195

The next generation of apartment living.

We have been engaged by PEET to launch a new apartment building on the fringe of the Perth CBD. The building is at 195 Pier St, which historically was an industrial precinct, primarily being the location of Perth’s ‘Fleet st’ where publishers and printers were abound throughout from the 1900’s through to recent times.

This background was a key driver of the design aesthetic for the building, and therefore became a key component in the strategy for our naming and design work. To reflect the history and heritage of the area, and to create the urban sensibility that was sought, we christened the building Folio 195, the dual meaning of ‘folio’ being a page number, as well as being a collection of the best in design.

We have created a full suite of materials that pay homage to the design aesthetic that was an integral part of the architect’s vision, which includes website, sales centre, collateral, EOI campaign, launch campaign, brand movies and more. It launched in the first quarter of 2020.

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