Australian Mushroom Growers Association

The power of mushrooms

Australian Mushroom Growers Association (AGMA) engaged Traffic to develop an education campaign to demonstrate the nutritional qualities of mushrooms and dismiss the myths around them. Increase volumes by 8% through a national integrated campaign at every brand touchpoint.

With mushroom consumption in decline, AMGA briefed Traffic to develop strategies that would motivate grocery buyers to give greater focus to mushrooms in-store and to stimulate greater awareness and per capita consumption of fresh mushrooms by consumers who had not yet appreciated the many health benefits of mushrooms.

Brown paper bags were placed alongside mushrooms in almost every supermarket and greengrocer outlet in Australia but most were unbranded and didn’t carry a message. The idea was to make the brown bag synonymous with mushrooms and use it to deliver the message in-store, online and in mainstream media.

The message “Are you in the dark about the power of mushrooms” resonated positively with all sectors of the community and motivated increased per capita purchasing and consumption. The campaign was fully integrated and used television, radio, press, print, activation, point of sale, promotions, digital marketing and PR. The results were incredible. The campaign increased perceived awareness of the health benefits of mushrooms by 56% and 35% , and sales through Coles increased a staggering 26%.

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