Animal Liberation

Animal Liberation is the first and longest-running animal rights group in the world, with over 40 years’ experience in tackling cruelty and challenging minds, hearts and legislation. Prior to Animal Liberation, all animal groups were welfare groups only (as opposed to rights groups). Animal Liberation is a vegan organisation, and focus on the health benefits of veganism. They also focus on the damage to the environment caused by animal agribusiness.

When Animal Liberation approached Traffic in 2017, the logo and brand collateral was outdated and inconsistent and the advertising campaigns and strategy were often implemented in an ad hoc manner. It was established that an urgent refresh was required in order for Animal Liberation to reflect as positively in the market as the amazing work that they do.

Through a workshop and research, Traffic identified a clear market trend towards social awareness, and an opportunity for Animal Liberation to own the Australia market for ‘all’ animals over competitors who either focus on a particular species or run multi-national campaigns.

Led by the new tagline ‘Compassion without compromise’ a fresh brand identity and campaign idea was developed. The new logo demonstrates the strategically focussed changes they’ve made as a brand, and highlights the idea that Animal Liberation are for ‘all animals’ with the use of multiple animal icons that are flexible according to campaign requirements. A lengthy name is simplified with the acronym ‘AL’, strengthening brand awareness.

The campaign heroes the new AL brand, ensuring all advertising is clearly identified as AL. Strong, bold type and emotive copy strategically reinforces their positioning as the brand that’s not afraid to be bold and fight.

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