// 26 June 2013

2012 Advertising Statistics in Australia

Update: On the back of the success of the below post the team at Traffic have analysed the latest 2013 Advertising Statistics in Australia in order to help you make the most of 2014.

Delve into the world of campaigns, slogans and logos with the latest information on Australian advertising statistics for 2012. This information offers a fantastic insight into the way marketing works (and doesn’t work) and how you can use the attempts of those who have gone before you for your own benefit. Check out the different categories of statistics on advertising below!

Online advertising statistics

According to Internet advertising statistics from 2012, there was quite a boom in spending in Australia, seeing an 18 per cent increase up to $3.3 billion from the previous year across the board. The real changes were seen in mobile and video advertising, the former growing a massive 220 per cent and the latter at 30 per cent. These online advertising statistics really show growing trends for where businesses feel they can get the most exposure.

You can’t mention the Internet without exploring social media advertising statistics. A global report on the trends of marketing on various social media platforms came up with some great tips for getting the most out of your marketing. This included the fact that tweets on Twitter with verbs included in them are 2% more likely to be shared. It was also shown that 55% of Twitter users do so on their phone.

Looking at specific Facebook advertising statistics, 2012 saw its member base grow from 600 million to 800 million. An average user has 130 friends and is connected to 80 pages, proving the vast potential for your company’s content to be shared on a massive scale, especially since 56% of users said they were more likely to recommend a brand after becoming a Facebook fan.

TV advertising statistics

While everything seems to be moving into the online world, including the spending budgets of marketers, that’s not to say that television advertising is dead. Over 90% of Australian households have digital TVs (up to 99.7 per cent for free TV), and the average Aussie spends approximately 3 hours in front of the box each day.

Television advertising statistics for 2012 show that during the year, 14 million of our nation’s finest tuned into commercial television programming, and there’s a lot of research suggesting that it remains to be the most effective form of marketing.

Radio advertising statistics

In 2012, radio advertising remained quite steady, if not seeing some subtle improvements, across the various age groups of listeners. This goes a long way in disproving some critics who believe that the old wireless is a dying art. In fact, an average Australian listens to about 16 hours of commercial radio every week, with 48% of that occurring at home.

As far as the raw facts go, a recent report shows that people are 6 times more likely to visit the website being advertised, with 78% doing so within 24 hours of hearing the ad. It seems that repetitiveness is key with this particular medium, with 95% of people having taking action by the time they’d heard the advertisement three times.

It’s one thing to understand these advertising statistics for 2012, but it’s another to use them to their full potential. Traffic is at the forefront of digital development and is focusing on the development of omni marketing and commerce to head our clients into the new era. Contact our experienced team today to discuss getting the most from your advertising campaign.

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