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Ticketblaster has operated in the experience, events & ticketing industry since 2003. The business started primarily as a reseller of concert tickets and has today become a preferred authorised agent for both Australian and international major sporting events such as the AFL, F1 GP, Grand Slam tennis and more, whilst still offering ‘once in a lifetime’ ticket experiences at sold-out concerts such as Ed Sheeran.

With a desire to be perceived as more than “just a sporting ticketing brand”, and off the back of the strong growth and reputational success achieved in Australia, Ticketblaster has recently expanded operations into Europe and the USA, opening offices in Madrid and Florida. As a result, they were looking to deliver access to premium Australian events to international markets, and continue to build their portfolio of premium global offerings for the local (Australian) market.

In our strategic process we discovered that the combination of the existing brand elements – name and brandmark – did not create a favourable impression for their range of target markets, with the business often coming across as a ‘scalper’. So to help drive these more premium cues and grow market share, it was agreed that a name and brand identity update was needed.

Doing so would help position the business as an exciting, innovative and legitimate ticketing business and the ‘go-to’ solution for any kind of concert/ event needs – from pure tickets to any kind of hospitality/ package needs for corporates.
With all of this in mind, we rebranded the business as Ticketverse.

The new positioning of ‘Sorted. With Ticketverse’ positioned the business as the ticket ‘concierge’ who understands and prioritises the needs of their customers, providing special treatment and stress alleviation.
The new Ticketverse brandmark ingeniously melds an arena-inspired shape with a subtle yet distinct ‘T’ cutout, forming a visual representation of the core business: sports and event ticketing. The device incorporates the initial of the brand name and also encapsulates the mission of seamlessly connecting audiences to a diverse array of entertainment experiences.
The mark feels equally at home attached to all aspects of the offering – from myriad sporting events, through to concerts and cultural events, and is impactful and relevant for all
of the key audiences. The updated brand identity is being introduced across their website, social media channels, via office/ environment signage, and as the foundation for their collateral and proposal needs.

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