Established in 1976, Professionals was formed by a group of 6 entrepreneurial, ambitious agents who had the vision to create a real estate group like no other. Over time as the team expanded and a range of members with contrasting perspectives joined the group, the business lost control of its direction and identity. Today the group comprises 277 members, who all share a strong vision for a successful future. With the ambition to unify as a group in terms of both vision and identity; to multiply and expand the group’s reach; and to amplify how the group operates, Professionals approached Traffic to revitalise their brand in line with their future vision.

The Professionals team has a simple brand purpose that informs all of their behaviour: to create customer happiness through the power of people. Their down-to-earth team exist to create values-driven connections with customers. This is reflected in the way they interact with customers. The team are human and authentic; real and genuine; and open and transparent. They always talk to customers in plain English, and enjoy interactions with a wry smile.

Whilst this was a significant evolution of the Professionals brand, some of the elements of the successful past needed to form a key part of the new identity – we identified that these ‘retained’ elements were the 5-point star (being a symbol of the shared Australian and New Zealand history of the brand), and the distinctive, vibrant multi-coloured palette which sets the brand apart from its’ key competitors. Following development and sign-off of the new ‘star’ identity, Traffic’s creative team then created a full suite of materials including corporate collateral, auction boards, signage, flyers, listings kits, press & digital ads, office signage, car wraps and more.

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