'Our kind of people'

New Zealand born (in 1983), Ryman Healthcare now has 38 villages across NZ and has opened 6 in Melbourne in recent years, with more underway. As part of their expansion into Melbourne, the business had a critical need to attract suitable employees across all areas of their business – village staff such as carers, nurses, hospitality and maintenance, as well as construction workers and head office staff. A campaign was needed to generate enquiry and a pool of suitable candidates.

The campaign needed to position Ryman as the go-to employer of choice for anyone who wants to work in this sector. The one who will provide a career, not just a role, providing an environment that enhances the freedom, connection and wellbeing of an important cohort within the Australian community. A business that is ambitious, one full of purpose and opportunities (and good people). The place you go to to get ‘career nourishment’.

Over the years, Ryman has been built on a ‘culture of kindness’ and this philosophy of compassion and understanding in the aged care industry creates a strong platform for the type of person that has been traditionally employed by Ryman and they look to attract in the future. We want people who have a ‘kind’ nature. These are ‘our kind of people’. The word ‘kind’ is key to this campaign as it embodies the nature of our staff, our environment, our culture and at the end of the day is the reason the people who work at Ryman are ‘one of a kind’. This concept is easily extendable to every job description from chef to gardener to nursing staff and makes Ryman appealing as a caring and inclusive aged care employer.

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