Pinnacle Newtown

For Geelong's High Flyers

Located five minutes from Geelong’s CBD and Newtown, Gen Fyansford is the area’s most sought-after suburb. The next evolution of the offering was the sale of the most premium, exclusive lots within the estate, a selection with ‘million dollar views’, the most spectacular in the region.

Given the exclusivity of the offering and the associated price-point level, it was important to create a brand that carried the gravitas needed to communicate that this stage was a distinctly different, and more upmarket offering than other Gen Fyansford releases. And whilst this was a separate entity and would be marketed accordingly, a physical relationship to the masterbrand still needed to be maintained.

The creation of a new sub-brand: Pinnacle Newtown. The name Pinnacle not only created a sense of premium aspiration that was needed, but also leveraged one of the key USP’s of the offering, that is, the amazing views across Queens Park, Barwon River and the Barabools. This was an offering pitched at Geelong’s ‘high flyers’, hence the campaign device of the hot-air balloon which featured through all campaign touchpoints, both physical and digital.

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