National Windscreens

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National Windscreens was established in 1989 and have 7 retail outlets and 40 ‘rapid response’ vans on the road ready to assist the public 24/7 in Melbourne, Geelong and the Mornington Peninsula. The challenge for Traffic was to increase the visibility and credibility of the long established brand to win consumer trust and confidence in a market where service promises were too often not delivered by competitors.

Traffic used the Brand Metabolism process to construct a highly competitive branding and positioning that would prove compelling to anyone caught with an emergency windscreen repair or replacement. The entire operational process within National Windscreens was realigned culturally, digitally and commercially to ensure every touch point in the organisation was seamlessly integrated to deliver superior customer satisfaction.

The National Windscreens transformation was extremely rewarding because evidence of enhanced customer response was immediate. The 40 rapid response vans with the new brand, colours and livery generated increased customer engagement the day they hit the road and the new website is already proving the investment to be critically important to the overall business model. The workshops are currently undergoing a striking new fit out, and the brand is active on metropolitan Melbourne radio with a highly targeted and tactical ongoing schedule. All strategic, design, creative, media and digital work was completed in-house as this is the most effective way to manage costs and ensure multiple platform integration.

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