Eliston East Quarter

As the existing Eliston development moved towards the future town centre, the council had assigned a mix of medium and high-density ratios to the lot mix. We worked with our client NPP, as well as their urban planners to develop a unique masterplan for the precinct focused on green spaces and pedestrian access through green linear parks that caters to a mix of small lot housing code and townhouse allotments, answering the request for density by the council.

Traffic developed a new name for the precinct – EQ or East Quarter – and an identity that sat with the existing branding, capturing the urban nature of the future area, differentiating EQ in feel from the main Eliston estate. The EQ branding has been applied to digital marketing, precinct and collection release brochures & floorplan flyers, signage, billboards, hoarding and sales office. The website has been reconfigured to accommodate separate builder bank releases.

The bright and vibrant colours of the East Quarter branding and unique use of the illustrations with the renders has created a distinctive presence and cohesion across all touchpoints. The precinct itself is carefully planned and defined by its intimate walkable neighbourhood, urban design aesthetic, abundant landscaped parklands and a clear focus on high quality, 7-star energy rated, sustainable residences, all within walking distance to kindergarten and prep to Year 12 schooling, unique in the corridor.

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