CSG Managed Print Services

A colourful rebrand delivering more than expected

In 2012, CSG Ltd faced a big challenge when NEC exited the relationship and CSG’s share price plunged to 50 cents. Traffic was appointed to reinvent the company to compete more effectively with global giants Xerox, Canon, Minolta and others.

Following an audit of the CSG business Traffic recommended a new logotype and brand proposition, a new business model to replace the sales commission practice and an internal education and culture change to re engineer the company organisationally to compete in the increasingly disruptive market place.

Traffic created a new logotype that competed more visibly against competitors and a new company proposition (‘Delivering more than you expect’) that resonated positively with existing and potential customers. The Traffic strategy called for a set of rules that the new CSG culture could embrace without reliance on commissions or discounting. Traffic created the ’10 Customer Imperatives’ that formed the organisational backbone of CSG because it elevated the brand to rank competitively with Canon/Xerox and others.

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