“Easy as ABC”

Australian Building Company


The Australian Building Company (ABC) is an exciting, relatively new builder with one clear purpose: to make the great Aussie home affordable again, for more people. Starting life in Melbourne and Regional Victoria, they have now successfully expanded into most Australian states, with presence at multiple locations in all of the key growth corridors.


As part of the Metricon ‘stable’, the role for ABC in the brand portfolio was defined as being the ‘price fighter’ in the category (ie the Jetstar to Qantas) with ABC making it easier and simpler for Australians to build beautiful new homes that always offer exceptional value for money. At the heart of this was the simple 3-step home building process that embodied the ABC values of ‘approachable, bold, cheeky, optmisitic and straight-forward’.


Utilising these strategic foundations, Traffic created a competitive positioning and persona for ABC that was centered around the core thought of ‘Easy as…ABC’. This became the anchor for all of the brand and retail campaigns for ABC across all media (mainstream and digital), as well as being delivered through social media campaigns, sponsorships, signage and hoardings, branded collateral and sales centre fit-out. The brand platform was created in 2020 and is still in use today across all ABC brand experiences. Easy as ABC 123.

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