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In August 2015, Traffic was approached to launch a new brand in the pet insurance category, an industry with great untapped opportunities – in a country of 7.5 million household pets, there are only 280,000 pet insurance policies.

A review of the competitors uncovered that there’s very little choice in terms of products in the market, yet each pet is very different and has unique behaviours and genetic issues. Petinsurance.com.au was created by pet lovers out of a genuine desire to enhance the pet insurance market offering with a more flexible product and service suited to the modern day pet family.

Through a workshop and research, we identified an emerging type of consumer who doesn’t consider themselves to be “pet owners, but more so “pet parents”. These pet parents treat their pets like a real member of the family. As a result, they have deeply emotional relationships that extend beyond the need for security or companionship.

For many the pet is their source of entertainment, love and self expression. This humanisation trend is evident across social media, with many pets taking on celebrity status. It also presents a great opportunity to tap into a market that truly values the well being of their ‘furry baby’ and enjoys engaging with pet related entertainment online

With products for indoor cats versus outdoor cats and puppy’s versus adult dogs, Petinsurance.com.au is the pet insurance brand for pet parents who recognise that their pet has unique personality traits, behaviours and genetics and therefore requires a bespoke policy tailored to the pet’s needs, as well as their budget. At Petinsurance.com.au, the team promise to continuously innovate the product range to ensure the right policy is available for each pet, ensuring every pet family is protected and only paying for real risks.

Lead by the brand essence, ‘Insurance as unique as your pet’, and shaped by the brand personality traits ‘witty, intuitive, charismatic and passionate’, Traffic developed a modern, friendly and light hearted brand identity and a humorous campaign that focuses on the ‘Pet Shaming’ trend.

The campaign shows the mischief pets get up to at home to demonstrate how each pet has unique quirks and therefore requires tailored insurance. The campaigns will be communicated through a partnership with Virgin Velocity and will be shown as pre-roll on inflight entertainment, and is complimented with a digital & social media strategy that entertains the viewer whilst imparting a valuable message about the importance of pet insurance.


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