• Beaurepaires

    Traffic led the implementation of a new identity and marketing strategy which
    led to positive responses to culture change programs.

Beaurepaires transforms from dull and discount to ‘switched on’ and customer focus.

The ‘Beau & Dave’ tyre and discount media campaign was actually killing the brand in 2005 and the blue coloured sites were recessive and blokey. Traffic had the challenge of increasing brand visibility, personality, sales, profits and morale.

Traffic recommended over 300 sites be repainted orange, a new logotype and a positioning line that reaffirmed Beaurepaires authority as a tyre expert – Beaurepaires ‘Who you turn to for tyres’.

Problem: Declining sales and brand health scores with a growing reliance on discounting to get results.

Solution: Contemporise the brand image, reduce discounting by enhancing  the customer experience and make innovation a cultural priority.

Implementation of new identity and marketing strategy commenced in April 2007 with positive responses to culture change programs. New advertising and promotional campaigns are currently exceeding sales expectations.

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