Lend Lease Campaigns

Putting the Love into Lend Lease

Traffic worked successfully with Lend Lease Communities for a number of years, including this major national campaign which ran recently to promote all of their communities down the eastern seaboard of Australia. In an increasingly cluttered competitive environment, the campaign needed to be strongly branded but also have the flexibility to enable different core messages to be the at the forefront of executions that were specific to each community.

There was an opportunity to take the lead and create a campaign that was clearly identifiable as Lend Lease, highlighting their unique offerings and differentiated the brand from the myriad other competitors. The other aim of the campaign was to ensure that people primarily associated the Lend Lease brand with building communities as opposed to being a construction company (which our research strongly suggested).

Every image in the campaign featured a person making an L shape, in front of words describing the brand, including ‘Lifestyle’, ‘Large’, ‘Love’, ‘Lakes’, ‘Leafy’, ‘Local’ and more, to reinforce the brand and the emotional feeling of living in their communities. In a sea of property advertising that uses the same stock shots, this campaign stood out and positioned the brand as the leader in residential communities.

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