Traffic's Brand Metabolism Process.

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We are Traffic, and we specialise in brand creation and transformation. We believe companies and brands are living, breathing entities, with their own DNA and metabolic pathways, just like humans. Our Brand Metabolism process delivers solutions that make companies and brands more formidable, more profitable and more sustainable.

We have identified the ten functional cells that deliver sustainable health and profits.


Brand Metabolism helps create bold and compelling company visions, missions and values. They inspire and drive organisational culture to deliver competitive differentiation, customer experiences and increased shareholder value based on authenticity and trust. Without a bold mission and vision, carefully articulated, the company is unlikely to aspire to greatness.


The Brand Metabolism methodology is structured to deliver sustainable ROI and shareholder value through the effective integration of all the key metabolic functional cells and pathways over a three year period. We invite CEOs and CFOs to be active participants in the process and we share the responsibility of delivering the financial performance expectations.


Most companies say they know who their customers are, but very few have transitioned them to digital. Many still believe one message suits everyone. Not so anymore. Brand Metabolism insists on high levels of personalisation across all target audience segments and locations ensuring potency and consistency of messages are always maintained across all platforms and channels.


Traffic and Brand Metabolism view the competitors of all our clients as viruses to be eliminated if possible. Armed with this mindset we conduct rigorous market analysis and interrogation to unearth, discover and create competitive advantages that have never been done before. Today, it’s not so much the current competitors. It is the new ones about to disrupt that have to be anticipated including climate change, technology, retail supply chain obstacles etc.


Traffic has a fifty year history of branding some of Australia’s iconic companies and brands so we know that brand DNA is the single most important factor in strategy development. The ten functional cells that determine the metabolic health of brands must be seamlessly integrated to deliver mutually agreed outcomes and define what the brand stands for. Must align with visions and mission.


Management and employee mindsets drive sales and profits. A change resistant, poor culture and a structurally unsound organisation can become a nightmare overnight if not managed and monitored daily. Brand Metabolism provides motivational pathways that connects staff, stakeholders, customers and suppliers to form a potent and meaningful company culture and brand differentiator.


Surprisingly, many companies overlook the importance of supply chain/distribution and other logistics when constructing future strategies for growth. Brand Metabolism audits existing logistics and can even forecast future options to ensure sustainable brand health and profits. Our aim is to use logistics to enhance customer experiences - faster, smarter, easier!


At Traffic we rank Identity the most important metabolic cell in the process because of the growing importance of digital and social media as a disrupter and game changer. Digital is fully integrated into the Brand Metabolism strategy development process via Identity. This is the catalyst for generating breakthrough creative and unique DNA that gives brand visibility, credibility and vitality.


Traffic has built a reputation for being a specialist in game changing company and brand transformations. Brand Metabolism was created to help us provide clients with a more courageous mindset to develop strategies that are based on the belief that if you risk nothing you could risk everything. The platforms we create are built collaboratively and traverse all channels internally & externally to ensure cohesion and maximum impact.

Metabolic Pathways.

This is what counts! Brand Metabolism creates and delivers the metabolic pathways that energise the brand cells to escalate customer engagement, conversion and loyalty. They provide the framework for a strong results orientation strategy fully documented in the Brand Metabolism Imperatives which is shared and adopted by the entire organisation from a single company silo driven from the top.
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