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Established in 1856, Hodges is one of Melbourne’s oldest real estate agents with an unmatched wealth of accrued expertise and local market knowledge in the Bayside and Geelong communities, where it operates. Whilst the business has performed very well, the team felt there was a lack of agreed direction in terms of what the brand stands for. To unite the team and embark on an agreed new direction, Traffic was approached in November 2015 to develop a strategic and creative direction for the future of the brand.

With an unmatched heritage of 160 years, we positioned Hodges as Melbourne’s preeminent real estate agency. We recognised that over the course of its rich history, the business had built strong and enduring relationships in Bayside communities, accruing a deep knowledge of the local buyers and sellers, and as a result proudly sells properties for higher prices than any other agency.

The key differentiator is their ‘unwavering commitment’, not just to achieving the highest price for the client, but also improving the service experience by innovating ahead of the market. Whilst the team has an impressive history of success, they never rest on their laurels and have bold ambitions for delivering more in the future.

Building on the longevity of business, the higher selling prices and the level of services, our creative team came up with an overarching conceptual direction that has ‘more’ as its’ centrepiece. The letter H was crafted to look like a plus symbol, always communicating the key message – that ‘you get more with Hodges’.

The new brandmark and supporting brand identity has been rolled out across a range of brand touchpoints and marketing sales tools, including corporate collateral, auction boards, print listings, flyers, web & digital assets, offices, merchandise and more, including a multi-faceted brand launch campaign for the ‘new’ Hodges.

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