• Brand & retail
    We believe that standing still is the fastest way of going backwards.
    Our exclusive methodologies consistently deliver paradigm shift strategies
    to increase brand ROI and shareholder value.
  • Rekindling
    Traffic's latest campaign for jewellery brand
    Paul Bram, marries their exquisite jewellery with the
    beauty of Rebecca Judd and the city of Melbourne.
  • Fully integrated,
    total capability
    When we say Traffic is a one stop, full service,
    functionally integrated corporation... we can prove it.
  • We know
    what makes
    people click
    Traffic has invested in digital marketing and technical specialists
    to implement marketing strategies that inspire people to click.
  • From Thomas
    Fathers Day
    TV Ad

    Click here to view our latest work on the Thomas Jewellers
    Fathers Day TV Ad.

Traffic Design Agency | Melbourne Office

When it comes to innovative and leading advertising agencies, Melbourne need a company willing to think outside of the box and create a concept aimed at business success. At Traffic, this is our primary focus, which we are able to achieve through our team’s more than 50 years of experience working as a creative, brand design and digital agency.

For more than a decade, we have been providing businesses throughout Melbourne with methods for making the biggest impact possible on an ever changing market. We are a passionate advertising agency that handles a broad range of needs, from digital strategy creation to brand identity development. With each of our projects, our aim is to get you noticed in a positive way and expand your clientele.


One of the most trusted advertising agencies in Melbourne.

The expert team at Traffic has the proven experience, resource and capability to effectively create a brand revitalisation or digital strategy for you, as we have with many Melbourne clients in the past. Whether you’re in the foundational period of building your company, or you’re after a transformed and renewed campaign, we have the knowledge to make an impact for you.

Our difference lies in our versatility, which defines us as a creative, brand, and digital agency all in one. This is unique to many other advertising agencies in Melbourne, and is the reason why we are the best in the industry. We stand by the belief that anything is possible with the right advertising techniques, and apply this to every campaign we implement.



134 Gwynne Street Richmond VIC 3121
T 03 8320 5700 F 03 8320 6405
Email: andrew@traffic.com.au 

Talk to the team at Traffic today; we have offices in both Melbourne and Sydney to better our reach to clients across Australia.

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